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Love Mei Powerful for HTC Desire 820


Shockproof protective case for HTC Desire 820, durable zinc alloy with tempered Gorilla Glass 9H

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Patented three-layer design
The case consists of a body made of a strong zinc alloy, a frame made of high-quality TPU and a silicone gasket. This design allows you to protect your device from all sides in any extreme situation.

Patented fall protection technology
The silicone gasket inside the case effectively extinguishes the impact force when falling from a height of up to 1.8 meters and protects your smartphone from damage.

Tempered glass Corning Gorilla Glass 9H
Durable protective glass of the latest generation does not complicate the interaction with the touchscreen of your device. Glass has a hardness rating of 9H – this is the maximum level of hardness of tempered glass. It will protect the screen of the smartphone not only from scratches and falls, but also from a knife, a screwdriver and even from a twisting drill.

Camera protection
The glass of your camera will never be scratched, as in the design of the case there is a special recess for the camera.

Port headphone protection
Aluminum cover protects the port from dust and dirt. However, it conveniently closes and opens, providing easy access to the port.

USB port security
The silicone plug tightly closes the USB port, protecting the electronics of the device from external influences such as light rain, snow, dirt or sand.

Holes for speakers
The holes for the smartphone’s speakers are located with perfect accuracy and do not interfere with sound transmission at all.

Additional hole in the casing
In this hole you can fasten the strap to avoid losing your smartphone or your favorite keychain.

Reliable fixation
Six polymer screws provide a reliable fixation of the smartphone in the case. Regardless of your activities, your device will remain unharmed.

If you want to keep the perfect look and performance of your HTC Desire 820, then the protective shockproof cover of the Love Mei Powerful is exactly what you need.


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