Love Mei Powerful for Apple iPhone 7


Shockproof protective case for Apple iPhone 7, durable zinc alloy, tempered Gorilla Glass 9H

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If you want to protect your Apple iPhone 7 from damages and other negative impacts, then protective cover Love Mei Powerful purchase will be the best decision for you. This cover will become the reliable defender of your phone in any situations.

Main features

The main difference of this cover from other similar ones is protective aluminum case, so when your phone falls from big height, just the metal part of the case, but not the device will be damaged. By the way, the cover has the built-in corning gorilla glass, and if your device will get the direct stroke, only external glass can be broken. By the way, the buttons on a protect cover (as well as touch id) completely coincide with original iPhone.

Quality of production and dense combination of details enable your iPhone 7 get such advantages:
– dirt proof;
– shock proof;
– snow proof.

And if you want to make your phone have some novelty and brightness, it is possible to choose one of five flowers of the cover.

Thus, similar customization of phone will protect him from the majority of external influences, and even in a year after use of a cover you will be able to take the device out, and he will look totally new.


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